NI Black Taxi Tours

A local company becomes a local success story!

We have worked with NI Black Taxi Tours for over 12 years, initially delivering a website that finally worked for them and providing further support when required ever since (and wait until you see how much money in advertising costs we saved them!)

The Website Brief:

As we mentioned, we were contacted by the guys at NI Black Taxi Tours in 2011. We were asked to redesign their website and see if we could help with their rankings in Google search results.

We completely rewrote the site copy as there just wasn’t enough previously and we wanted to make sure search engines got the message and placed them higher in search results. We also suggested and added more tour options which has led to a varied and stable tour income.

The Results:

We have recently redesigned the site for the third time, to stay ahead of the competition design wise but also to offer the best user experience possible. 

As far as increasing visibility in Google search results (a speciality of ours), we got the site from page 12 in Google when searching ‘Taxi Tour Belfast’ to the top 3 results on page 1.

Before NI Black Taxi Tours used us, the only way of getting visitors to the site was to use Google advertising – they had a budget of £300 monthly. Just 4 weeks after our first redesign, they shot to page 1 and stopped using Google ads as they were receiving enough enquiries from being high in Google results…

In essence, we have saved them £300 a month, for 12 years (that’s over £40,000!).

Whatever you need, we are here to assist.

We love nothing more than seeing our clients generate success from our input – either for business or on a personal level. If you become a client, just know that will we always provide an optimum service best suited to your objectives and budget.

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