Uniball: Creative Escape

A truly creative website for a global brand offering rewarding user activities and a huge uplift in sales of the featured pens.

We were delighted to work with Uniball on this exciting concept – a website to assist creativity with a strong lean towards promoting better mental health.

The Website Brief:

We were asked to follow exact pixel perfect designs and produce a website which allowed users to follow drawing or writing tutorials. 

The site was ahead of its time and 5 years later still looks fantastic and functions well. Creative Escape was heavily promoted on social media channels and was well received.

The website continues to draw in users and was extremely popular during the pandemic also.

The Results:

As well as reinforcing brand loyalty towards Uniball, the website offered two returns – 

  1. Users really did allow themselves to escape creatively (and still do to this day). We really hope the website offered a chance to de-stress and allow users to get lost in their own artworks and writings.
  2. Each writing or drawing exercise featured a specific Uniball pen, with a link to an online pen retailer. During the first wave of social advertising, their sales of Uniball pens spiked by 647%!

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